Our Smiles Speak for Themselves

Orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign can significantly improve the way your smile looks, the way your teeth function, and the way you interact with other people.

Every smile tells a story, and here are a few orthodontic Before & Afters treated by Dr. McGrogan.

Patient 1

When this 8-year-old patient came to us, her mother told us, “She needs help stopping her thumb habit.”

After 12 months with a habit appliance and partial braces, she has a beautiful new smile.

Patient 2

“I hate my overbite, and my teeth are crowded.”

This 21-year-old patient now has a stunning smile, thanks to 20 months of Invisalign treatment with Shine Orthodontics.

Patient 3

This 14-year-old wanted her teeth to be straighter.

After just nine months with Invisalign, she now has a smile that shines.

Patient 4

A 33-year-old patient came in with this concern: “I can’t bite into anything, and my smile looks terrible.”

Now, after 23 months in braces, she can enjoy life with a new smile.

Patient 5

A 12-year-old patient came to us saying, “My teeth are crooked, and I have a space between my front teeth.”

After 18 months of braces treatment, his smile is straight and healthy.

Patient 6

A 13-year-old patient said, “I hate my smile. My one tooth looks like a fang”.

She wore braces for 18 months and has fallen in love with her new smile.

Patient 7

A 49-year-old patient wanted to close the gaps between his teeth.

He was able to get the results he was looking with 12 months of Invisalign treatment.