Your First Orthodontic Visit

Your smile is forever, and that’s why we believe orthodontic treatment is one of the most important investments you can make for yourself and your oral health. Here at Shine Orthodontics, we talk to people every day who are interested in orthodontics but haven’t scheduled an appointment with us yet because they’re not sure what to expect from the process ahead. 

We understand! The unknown can be a little overwhelming, but we want you to feel comfortable seeking the orthodontic care you need. We’re committed to providing you with personalized service, and that begins even before your first visit with our office. To help you better understand how the orthodontic process works, let’s look at what you can expect from your initial consultation with us, and what the next steps will be should you choose to move forward with treatment. Keep reading to find out more!

Your first visit with Shine Orthodontics

First impressions matter, so we do our best to make your consultation appointment a positive and stress-free experience. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted warmly and shown around our Holly Springs office to help you feel more comfortable with your surroundings. After being introduced to some of our talented team, we’ll sit down with you to get your medical and dental history, then proceed with the diagnostic records and exam.  

This first visit will determine if you have any orthodontic issues present that require treatment. Part of this process involves taking photographs of your teeth in their present state, and we may choose to do a panoramic x-ray during this visit, as well. These images let us look beneath the surface of the gums to check the position and growth of the bones and joints there, along with any teeth that are still below the gum line. 

Once we have the images we need, you’ll meet Dr. McGrogan as she examines your teeth and bite. During this exam, she may also ask a few questions, such as whether your jaws make noise when you open or close your mouth, or if there are any noticeable problems when you chew or swallow.

This appointment is the best time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with us. We want you to feel fully informed about every aspect of the treatment process, so we will typically discuss the following topics with you once your exam is complete:

  • any oral issues you’re experiencing
  • if treatment is needed immediately
  • what treatment options are available to correct the problem
  • The benefits of orthodontic treatment
  • if any teeth will need to be removed
  • an estimate of how long we expect your treatment to take
  • the total investment required for treatment
  • any payment or financing options we have available to you

Shine Orthodontics will look at your unique needs, your lifestyle, and the goals you hope to achieve into account when creating a customized treatment plan just for you. It’s this kind of individualized care that allows us to consistently produce beautiful results and an enjoyable orthodontic experience for our patients.

Your First Orthodontic Visit

Investing in your smile

Every patient responds to treatment in their own way, so the total cost of treatment will vary from case to case. We will break down all applicable treatment fees for you during your consultation, and our team will ensure you understand them before beginning any treatment with us. 

Here at Shine Orthodontics, we believe that finances should never be an obstacle to a healthy smile, and that everyone should have access to the orthodontic care they need! Our office offers a wide range of payment options, including flexible payment plans, cash, checks, and credit cards. We also work with many insurance providers. Because orthodontic insurance benefits can differ greatly from your normal dental insurance, we’ll always go over your policy with you to make sure you’re maximizing any benefits you have. 

The next steps towards a straighter smile

Once your initial consultation is complete, we will set up an appointment for you to receive your new orthodontic appliance. After your appliance is placed or fitted, you’ll be scheduled for follow-up appointments with us every 4-8 weeks or so. The exact timing of these visits will depend on the treatment plan Dr. McGrogan has created for you, and we use them to monitor how your teeth are moving, check that treatment is progressing normally, and adjust your appliance if necessary. 

These visits are an essential part of your orthodontic treatment, so we encourage you to cancel or reschedule only if it’s absolutely necessary. We understand that this will sometimes be unavoidable, and if that’s the case, we ask that you simply let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule your appointment for another day that’s more convenient for you.

We encourage you to continue regular check-ups with your family dentist every six months. If extra dental care is needed at any point, we’ll be happy to coordinate with him or her to make sure you’re receiving the best care possible for the longest-lasting results! 

Get a brighter, better smile with Shine Orthodontics

If you want an orthodontic practice that produces superior results in a safe, relaxing, and stress-free environment, Shine Orthodontics could be just what you’re looking for! We offer FREE consultations, so give us a call at 919-750-0808 to schedule yours today. A brighter, better smile is waiting for you!